Yesterday I went through and edited all of my posts so there were ‘Continue reading’ links on all of them. I hope this makes scrolling through article easier and makes older articles accessible. It also helps me see which articles people actually read (because ‘homepage’ doesn’t really tell me much!). I also added an ‘Articles’ page where I’ve placed the links to all of the articles I’ve suggested in various posts, and I added a blogroll on the right. If you have a Classics, Linguistics, Academia, or Education themed blog that you’d like me to check out and maybe post there, send me a link in the comments. (I may have missed a few!)

Also, I’d like to apologize if I accidentally spammed your inbox. I found out a few hours later, to my horror, that every time I added a ‘Continue reading’ tag to a post, publicize spread the word for me. A bit over enthusiastic on its part, but I should have thought about the possibility beforehand. So, if you were inundated by Piece of the Internet notifications yesterday, I do heartily apologize.



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