Well hello there, welcome to my very humble piece of the internet.

What is this blog about? Yeah…I could have maybe come up with a more relevant name for the blog. Oh well. Topics here will generally revolve around the Classics. Though my posts can and do focus on a variety of aspects of this field, I am primarily interested in Classical linguistics and the teaching of Classical languages and culture.

Who am I? I’m currently pursuing a teaching cert at Ursinus College because I am seriously passionate about teaching. I am more passionate about teaching Latin than I am about Latin itself. I left a free ride in an MA program at Villanova to do this. I might be insane.

I started Latin in 7th grade, attended the PA Governor’s School for Teaching, and took the AP Latin exam my senior year of high school. I did my Undergraduate degree at Ursinus College where I majored in Classics and created a student-initiated major in Linguistics. I did a year abroad in Edinburgh where I got into more intense theoretical linguistics and did most of my Greek reading. I graduated in 2011 and went to Cambridge for my MPhil in Classical Linguistics. I learned while there that I do not have the patience for Classical Linguistics, but somehow I managed to pull of a first on my Thesis. Go figure. I still think they mixed up some papers during the application process. Since my Greek & Latin are still sucky, I decided to do an MA in Classics at Villanova. After having not done Greek for 2 years and not having a good foundation in it to begin with, I had the pleasure of translating Aeschylus’s Agamemnon. My personal opinion is that he deserves to be punched in the face repeatedly. I cried every time I looked at my homework. I left this program in 2012 to pursue my original passion for teaching. Eventually I hope to do a PhD in Edcuation with a focus on Second Language Acquisition and the teaching of non-spoken languages.

So stuff about those things is what you’re in for when you read this blog. If you’re really curious about my credentials, here’s my LinkedIn


I’m not quite certain what I want this blog to be about yet, though ‘the Classics, Language, Linguistics, and Miscellanea’ is a start at least. I imagine I will post about those topics most frequently. Mostly I expect this blog will shape itself, acquiring a theme over time.

However, here are some important things you should know about me before you believe a word I’ve written:

1. I am a *student*. Nothing I have to say is authoritative, or even vaguely guaranteed to be correct. Please keep this in mind, even when I posts sentences like, “I know I said ‘Nothing I have to say is authoritative or even vaguely guaranteed to be correct’ in my about page, but you can totally ignore that when I say X because this is definitely 100% true”. It may be, but I’m not an expert, you should take everything I say with a large helping of salt because…

2. I’m not even particularly good at the subjects I talk about. i) Linguistics: I have at total of 3 semesters worth of actual intensive theoretical linguistics courses, 3 independent studies on topics in linguistics, several language courses which were linguistically oriented, and some audited historical linguistics courses taken this past year. ii) Classics: I have spent quite a long time studying Latin, but it has been a while (3 years ish) since I have actually really done some honest to goodness translation; I am very rusty. My Greek was at a low intermediate level last year, and it’s gotten rusty since. ii) Other Languages: I can read some romance languages (French with relative ease, Italian and Spanish with significant aid); my German is elementary. Note ‘read’. I use these languages for research. I can’t remember the last time I’ve conversed with anyone in French. It’s been at least 2-3 years.

Bearing these things in mind, I hope you think of this blog as more of a sounding board than a lecture podium. Some of the thoughts that come out of my head are utter lunacy at times, and I hope that you call me out when the are.



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